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The Comfortable Traveling Facility Continues For Murree For Rs 100

Comfortable traveling facility continues for Murree for Rs100

On the special instructions of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, a modern and comfortable traveling facility continues for families going to picturesque places of Murree at only 100 rupees one-way fare.

This has not only reduced the traffic pressure in Murree but will also positively impact the environment.

Vacation in Murree

People who want to travel for vacations will avail of the facility Green Line from Islamabad to bhara kahu for just Rs. 30/- and from Islamabad to Murree at only Rs. 100/- This service is only for families. It will operate on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, three days a week.

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Busses and seats are very comfortable and designed in modern ways, with LCD functions in all seats. Citizens over 65 years can travel free of cost, and children who are below 12 can travel free of cost. Bus operation starts at 9 in the morning, and every 1:30, hrs bus will arrive from the station.



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