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Certificate Checking Drive Launched by Sindh Police Vaccination

KARACHI: Sindh Police department has launched corona vaccination certificate checking drive after the home department recently expressed its dissatisfaction over the law enforcement agencies’ alleged lack of interest.

All its field commanders have been ordered by the police to promptly begin a vaccine certificate check campaign according to government orders.

AIG-Operations All additional IGs and DIGs have received a letter from the Sindh Police. The immunisation certificates relating to activities were routinely monitored by the field officials.

Also read: From October 1, the NCOC has decided to prohibit non-vaccinated people from receiving basic services.

Yesterday the Sindh police detained 31 unvaccinated persons for speeding up COVID immunisation days after new orders given by the National Command & Operation Centre (NCOC).

After their failure to present their vaccination certifications, Sukkur police visited several hotels and restaurants and detained 31 individuals.

The SSP Sukkur stated incidents of unvaccinated people who were detained in different regions were also recorded.

In the wake of the latest orders given by NCOC on 19 September, passengers on highways are required to get vaccinated by 20 September, as the Sindh home department notifies them.

It further stated that transport firms’ buses and other equipment will be confiscated because of the presence of vaccinated personnel.

Unvaccinated employees including those participating in home deliveries would be sealed over the hotel and eateries. Train services from now on could not be used by unvaccinated passengers.

On 15 September, a total of 70 million doses of vaccination throughout Pakistan were recorded, the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) stated in a statement.



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