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Britisher selling Bhelpuri in the streets of the UK

“Bringing a Taste of India to the Streets of Britain: A Britisher’s Bhelpuri Venture”


Bhelpuri, a popular Indian street food, is a dish that typically consists of puffed rice, vegetables, and tangy tamarind chutney. While it is a common sight in India, it is something other than what one would expect to find on the streets of the United Kingdom. However, Angus Denoon, a British national, has decided to bring this delicious dish to the streets of the UK.


Angus Denoon grew up in the UK and has always had a passion for cooking. After completing his education, he traveled to India to learn more about Indian cuisine. During his time in India, he fell in love with the flavors and spices of the country and decided to bring them back to the UK. He began experimenting with different Indian street food dishes and eventually settled on bhelpuri as his specialty.

Starting the Business

To start his bhelpuri business, Angus Denoon navigated the complex regulations and requirements for street food vendors in the UK. He faced challenges such as obtaining the necessary licenses and permits and finding a suitable location for his cart. Despite these obstacles, he was determined to make his dream a reality and eventually was able to open his business.

The Bhelpuri Cart

Angus Denoon’s bhelpuri cart is a colorful and vibrant addition to the streets of the UK. The cart itself is decorated with Indian motifs and symbols and is equipped with all the necessary equipment for preparing and serving bhelpuri. The menu includes various bhelpuri options, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Customers can also choose from different levels of spiciness to suit their taste.

Popularity and Impact

Since opening his bhelpuri cart, Angus Denoon has seen a steady stream of customers. Many people are intrigued by the unique concept of Indian street food in the UK and are eager to try something new. In addition, the delicious taste and authentic flavors of the bhelpuri have quickly made it a popular choice among foodies.

In conclusion, Angus Denoon’s bhelpuri cart is a unique and exciting addition to the street food scene in the UK. His passion for Indian cuisine, combined with his determination to make his dream a reality, has resulted in a successful business that brings a taste of India to the streets of the UK.



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