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BankIslami Organizes Design-a-thon to Promote Art and Culture within Society

October 11, 2021 – In an effort to promote the country’s potential for arts, BankIslami, Pakistan’s leading Islamic finance Institution, organized Design-a-thon-a creative marathon- for aspiring creators across Karachi. The grand finale for the event was held on the 11th of October. A distinguished panel of judges from the creative arts industry including Ahmed Ali, Chief Creative Executive, RG Blue Advertising and Rashna Siddiqa Abdi, Chief Creative Officer, IAL Saatchi Saatchi selected the winners. The top designs from a diverse range of artistic individuals were shortlisted for the finals where 3 of the top were awarded prizes and participants were presented with certificates. Syed Amir Ali, President and CEO, BankIslami along with Dr. Khalid M Iraqi, Acting Vice Chancellor, University of Karachi were also present at the occasion.

Creative arts and design are amongst one of the fields in Pakistan that remains unexplored. This segment forms an essential part of a vibrant and modernizing society. BankIslami has always been at the forefront of creating unique opportunities not just for its customers but also for various communities across Pakistan to flourish and prosper. The recently concluded Design-a-thon was another step in highlighting the creativity and potential that the future Artists in this country hold. The Bank has always lead by example to bring untapped fields to the spotlight.

Speaking at the occasion, Syed Amir Ali, President and CEO BankIslami stated: “Pakistan is a land of diverse as well as vibrant talents. Our youth are intellectuals who hold the power to transform the future of this country in their own respective ways. At BankIslami, we believe that every field has its importance in a rapidly changing world where digitization has become the hallmark of modern societies, there is a part for every segment to play. It is invigorating to witness the potential that I’ve seen here today and we at BankIslami look forward to more such events in the future.”

BankIslami is Pakistan’s first scheduled Islamic Bank and has been at the front leading efforts to instill societal change at a variety of levels through its initiatives.



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