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Bangladesh Offers Pakistani Investors For Economic Growth of Pakistan

In order to increase investment and commerce with Bangladesh Mahbubul Alam urged Pakistani investors to step forward:

Bangladesh is one of the three nations in the world that has attained the highest economic growth rates, according to an IMF assessment.

Speaking to the members of the Board of Governors of the Karachi Council on Foreign Relations (KCFR) under the auspices of the QAHM, Institute of Nation Building, the Deputy High Commissioner of Bangladesh in Karachi, Mahbubul Alam, claimed that Bangladesh had emerged as a leader among developing nations.

As part of the Millennium Development Goals, he continued, 100 Specialized Economic Zones had been established and accomplished. He claimed that Bangladesh’s 50th anniversary of independence made 2021 a highly important year for the country.

He said that the United Nations has recognised Bangladesh’s development accomplishments and referred to it as a “remarkable success tale.”

UNESCO has established an international reward for the creative economy named the Banglabandhu prize, He added.

Bangladeshis have high-ranking jobs all across the globe and that remittance revenues from expatriates reached a record $ 21 billion in 2021.

After achieving Vision 2021, they are now focusing on Vision 2041, which calls for Bangladesh to become a developed nation.

Country’s foreign exchange reserves, which had once been almost nonexistent, were now worth US$47 billion, He said.

In order to increase investment and commerce with Bangladesh, he urged Pakistani investors to step forward.

As the government pursues greater growth trajectories and policies for NGOs and SMEs creating its population, including women, self-reliant, he pledged all possible support for potential businesspeople and investors for expanded commercial links between Bangladesh and Pakistan.

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He continued by stating that Bangladesh had launched the Banglabandhu Satellite-1 in an effort to join the exclusive club of space nations.

Bangladesh was making use of its labour force and had developed into a middle-income nation with a per-capita GDP of $2,554, which is expanding quickly and farther, and a life expectancy of 73 years.

Bangladesh’s economy has been growing at a pace of 5.47 percent throughout the years, and now that it is producing 25000 MW of power, its entire population is covered by it.

Ashrayan Project, which means shelter for everybody, was their “One House One Farm Project” that they had worked on.

Bangladesh was now the world’s second-largest contributor of troops to UN peacekeeping operations.

98 percent of Bangladeshi children’s are currently enrolled in basic education, and Bangladesh already has 170 universities.

The 300 cutting-edge pharmaceutical enterprises in Bangladesh today supply 97 percent of domestic needs and export to 70 nations.





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