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Australian Woman Shoots An Arrow Using Her Feet, Breaks Guinness World Record

Aussie Shannen Jones Kicks Her Way Into Guinness World Record Books with Farthest Arrow Shot Using Feet!

Shannen Jones Breaks Guinness World Record

After setting a fantastic world record, Shannen Jones, an Australian lady, stunned the entire globe with her aerobatic skills. On August 15 of last year in Australia’s Queensland, Jones used her feet to shoot an arrow to a distance of 18.27 metres, setting the record for “farthest arrow shot using feet.” The organisation that keeps track of records added that Jones had been practising foot archery for a while and outperformed the previous record holder by “just under 6 metres.”

Shannen Jones fired the farthest arrow using feet, measuring 18.27 metres (59 feet 11 inches), according to Guinness World Records, who posted a video on Instagram. The organisation posted a video of Jones performing a handstand and stabilising herself before skillfully launching an arrow at the target with her feet.

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Four days ago, Jones shared a video with her social media followers where she can be seen documenting her world record attempt. “I’m officially a Guinness World Record Holder!” Jones wrote in Video’s caption. She added, “@guinnessworldrecords verified my application last night – So now I can officially say that I am the most accurate foot archer in the world.”


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The video posted by Guinness World Records since after few hours video has gained over 9.2 lakh views. The share has also collected 82,000 likes and prompted many to post comments.



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