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An Indian man got married to a Pakistani girl without a bride

”Mera Dil Yeh Pikare Aja” Fame Girl

An Indian man Done ‘Farzi Nikah’ with ”Mera Dil Yeh Pikare Aja” Fame Girl

Faizan Ansari, a Muslim citizen from Mumbai, the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra, got married to a Pakistani girl without a bride.

Faizan Ansari had said in December last month that he wants to marry Pakistani girl Ayesha Mano who went viral with her unique dance on the song ‘Mera Dil Yeh Pikare Aja’ and he will also come to Pakistan in this regard.

He had said that after watching Ayesha Manu’s dance video, he accepted her as his bride and he will come to Pakistan to marry Tik Tokar.

Later he claimed that the Pakistani embassy refused to grant him a visa to Pakistan and now he fake married Ayesha Manu in India in her absence.

According to the showbiz website ‘Koi Moi’, Faizan Ansari performed the ritual of fake marriage on January 1 on the occasion of New Year.

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He hired a Maulvi Sahib for the fake marriage and signed the marriage certificate on his behalf and kept a cheque of INR 15 lakh as dowry for Ayesha Manu.

Later talking to the media, Faizan Ansari said that he had already decided that he would marry Ayesha Manu only, so he had a fake marriage with her.

In this regard, while talking to ‘News 18 Urdu’ on January 4, he said that he had performed all the rites of marriage on his behalf, now he has no role left for the marriage, whatever has to be done now Ayesha Manu has to do.

He said that ever since he saw Ayesha Manu’s dance performance, he has been crazy about her and he decided then and there that he should not have anyone else in his life except Ayesha.

Speaking to News 18 Urdu, Faizan Ansari claimed that Ayesha Manu had contacted him and got all the information from him.

According to Faizan Ansari, Ayesha Manu has told him not to defame her, so he also wants and tries not to defame Tik Tokar.

In response to a question, Faizan Ansari said that even if Ayesha Manu wants to meet him in a third country instead of India, he will go there.

He also said that after the announcement of his marriage to Ayesha Manu, girls from Pakistan and India expressed their best wishes for him in messages.



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