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Airport Staff Peshawar Found Making Fake COVID Reports

PESHAWAR: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has Thursday arrested six laboratory staffers at the Bacha Khan International Airport after it was revealed that they are allegedly involved in making forged COVID reports for travelers.

The laboratory was arrested by the FIA Team and six other individuals were accused of taking part in reporting. Fake reports from the Peshawar Airport Laboratory were also recovered.

One traveler had a favorable report from COVID , but he went to the laboratory, instead received his negative report. When FIA pulled him off from the aero plane, he had both reports in his hands.

After FIA charged the passenger from the flight, an inquiry was initiated.

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Separately from Multan today, FIA has detained a vaccine provider in a vaccinating facility in Multan, which is reportedly making false COVID vaccine entries.

FIA stated that Imran participated in the production of COVID’s fake records in Emerson College immunisation center’s (Nadra) software for the National Database and Registration Authority.

It reported that proof of the unlawful act has been retrieved from its phone and WhatsApp.

After the case was registered, an investigation was initiated against him, the FIA stated.




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