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Afghanistan calls Pakistan for cricket series in Afghanistan

On Wednesday, Afghanistan newly appointed cricket chairman, Azizullah Fazli, stated that he will go nearby Pakistan to invite the squad into a one-day series later this week.

In recent years, the war-torn country with such like World Spinner Number One Rashid Khan has been quietly rising in worldwide recognition, but demands were made for a boycott of the men’s group after last month’s extreme Taliban takeover.

The transition in leadership has challenged Afghanistan’s participation in test matches as countries are obliged to have an active women’s team by the International Cricket Council.

Although a policy for sports women is currently not published by the Taliban, it has been declared by a senior official “not needed.” Fazli, who did not comment, said he was intending to tour other regional cricketing giants.

“I am starting to visit Pakistan on 25 September and then will fly to the United Arab Emirates, India, Bangladesh and Cricket Board representatives,” he told AFP over the phone from Kabul.

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Fazli said he’ll meet the Pakistan Cricket Board new President, Ramiz Raja, and “ask Pakistan to host the series in Sri Lanka in September that we were meant to play.”

Due to logistical concerns and a Covid 19 epidemic in Sri Lanka, the Pakistan-Afghanistan one day series was cancelled. It belonged to a one-day match that qualified for the 2023 World Cup.

Australia threatened to cancel the November Test in Brisbane against Afghanistan unless the Taliban let women to play cricket. On Tuesday Hamid Shinwari was sacked by the new Overlords as CEO of the Afghanistan Cricket Board. He was replaced by Naseeb Zadran Khan, which is connected to the Haqqani network, which has led some of the country’s most bloody assaults in history.



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