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Actors Blow Up After Petrol Price Hike

After the government dropped petrol bombs on the public, showbiz personalities have expressed their anger, apart from this, social media has been showered with memes after the increase in petrol prices.

Former singer Rabi Pirzada remembered the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam after hearing the new price of petrol in the country.

Rabi wrote that ‘we have no leadership, no vision, we are no longer a nation, we are only a group of people who prefer their personal interests over the motherland’.

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Actress Samina Pirzada expressed her anger in a tweet and said “Pakistan’s progress is in the progress of everyone, just do it, oppressors, let mother earth live, let people flourish, let people breathe.”

YouTuber and actor Arslan Naseer wrote that ‘should poverty be eliminated from the country or the poor?’

Actress and host Mishi Khan said on the ever-increasing price of petrol and the government’s oppression of the poor citizens in the country, “Why are you all so worried?”

“Still long queues for petrol, more cars on the road and don’t forget Tim Hortons coffee but enjoy the 8th edition of PSL,” he taunted the public.

Mishi further wrote that “this nation doesn’t matter, just keep talking on social media for 2 more days and wait for another inflation bomb to explode”.



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