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20 Million People In Pakistan Drink Alcohol, Senate Told

According To The Senate, Approximately 20 Million Individuals In Pakistan Consume Alcohol

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: During a Senate session, it was revealed that a significant number of people in Pakistan, estimated to be around 20 million are consuming alcohol.

This trend of increased alcohol sales and consumption has raised concerns among lawmakers.

Senator Mushtaq Ahmed of Jamaat-e-Islami addressed the Senate, pointing out that 20 million individuals out of a total population of 220 million is a cause for alarm.

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Senator Mushtaq Ahmed Pointed Out

Islam prohibits the consumption of alcohol but its consumption is on the rise in the Country. He said that alcohol is being sold illegally on a large scale in the Country, alleging that institutions and organizations are involved in this illegal business.

The Senator further said that alcohol is being smuggled in collusion with personnel of Customs, Coast Guard and FC.

According to Mushtaq Ahmed, minorities in the Country are given liquor permits, but there is a lack of information on this matter. However, Senator of Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) Danesh Kumar pointed out that even minority religions prohibit the consumption of alcohol, and yet the wealthy are involved in drug use such as alcohol.

Senator Dinesh Kumar said that some people in the Upper House of the Parliament also consume alcohol. He said that everyone should be permitted to drink alcohol if there are no existing laws to prevent it.



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